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FutureSafe Tech Campaign Update - 1H 2020

Dear Investors,

We are updating on the progress of FutureSafe Tech (FST), a Singaporean company utilizing proprietary technology from Murdoch University to develop a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) productivity platform providing blended learning for worker safety courses.

During this period of global pandemic, most industries are facing unprecedented pressure to grow and survive under a constant flux of government sanctions, from cross-border travel restrictions and local movement lockdowns. This is especially the case for the local construction industry, as it is brought to a virtual standstill as manual labour in the industry is almost completely dependent on workers now under tight quarantine while the relevant authorities endeavour to find viable solutions for the COVID-19 spread within these communities. Singapore’s construction sector is hence predicted to take a massive hit from the outbreak, with analysts expecting a sharp contraction of 10.3% for 2020, up from the previous forecast of 3.2%, making Singapore the worst hit market in the APAC region.

Despite the extenuating circumstances, FST is continuing to build the productivity portal for completion by end 2020, which will allow for the sale and distribution of app licenses and subsequently the monitoring of user activity and feedback. The company is also trying to manoeuvre within the current COVID-19 situation by keeping in constant contact with the relevant departments within Ministry of Manpower for Singapore to potentially release some of the apps to migrant workers in quarantine.

We will follow up further with the management of both FST and Murdoch University to provide updates on FST's progress in the months to come.

Fund Singapore Team.

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Society Pass Campaign Update - 1H 2020

Dear Investors,

As you all have read by now, a perfect storm of events has hit the global economy hard, resulting in a decrease of investor confidence around the world. The global reach of Covid-19 related city-wide (and some country-wide) shutdowns, the demand-supply shock in manufacturing that is still on-going due to the recovering situation in China, and the deep discount on oil prices due to Russia-OPEC disagreements have led to the routing of stock markets worldwide including that of the US.

The SOPA management team has been monitoring the situation closely while concurrently ramping up their Vietnam commercial presence. In light of the current economic situation, they have made the difficult decision to delay their IPO plans to Q4 2020, during which analysts have suggested the factors exerting downward pressure on the markets will ease up.

Even in light of this, the SOPA management team is still pushing for advancement of their business in preparation for the IPO at the most opportune time. These include:-

  • Acquisition of #HOTTAB

    SOPA closed the acquisition of a prominent Vietnam-based eCommerce & Point of Sale (POS) solutions provider #HOTTAB in November 2019. Established in 2015, #HOTTAB has pioneered innovative eCommerce solutions for both merchants and users alike across Vietnam. Prior to this acquisition #HOTTAB counted notable stakeholders such as SOSV, a global accelerator/venture capital fund that is ranked by CrunchBase as the #2 Most Active Seed Stage VC worldwide

    This acquisition has allowed SOPA to gain a sizable user and merchant base to add to its already growing portfolio, and further augments its product offering. Post acquisition, SOPA and #HOTTAB’s merchant and consumer-facing app have rebranded as “#HOTTAB powered by SOPA”, an alignment that is expected to increase brand-name recognition.

    Read more about this here.

  • Official Launch

    SOPA had its official launch on December 20th in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam that saw the attendance of various media outlets. This sets the stage for SOPA to increase its presence in Vietnam as it grows to become the preeminent eCommerce ‘Loyalty-as-a-Service” platform in SE Asia.

    Read more about this here.

  • Partnership with Saigon-Hanoi Bank Finance and other Vietnamese Corporations

    The SOPA management team inked a partnership deal in December 2019 with The Hanoi-headquartered Saigon-Hanoi Bank Finance to provide the latter’s bundled loans to store/restaurant businesses within SOPA’s network across Vietnam. This would allow SOPA to further diversify its revenue streams by tapping into the vast ecosystem of small & medium businesses in Vietnam on top of that directly from its eCommerce business.

    Furthermore, SOPA has found partners in Vietnamese state-owned corporations such as VTC and Viettel to cross-promote the SOPA eCommerce platform to the corporations’ wide-ranging user base.

  • MegaMarket

    SOPA is still in discussions with Mega Market to develop their in-house loyalty app, though progress has slowed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. SOPA is also in the process of obtaining a digital wallet license from the Vietnamese government that would bolster the functionalities of the loyalty app as desired by the Mega Market management.

  • IPO S1 Filing

    The SOPA management would want to initiate its IPO activities as soon as the public markets (and investor confidence in such markets) recovers sufficiently. As such they will still continue taking the necessary steps, such as fine-tuning the S1 filing paperwork for ready submission to the US Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC). The Fund Singapore team has already informed them that it will be at hand to aid them in this endeavor whenever necessary.

As can be seen above, the SOPA management team is still working hard to realise its company vision as described during the fundraising campaign. The Fund Singapore team has and will be in continued communications with the SOPA management team to make sure that its rights as investor and shareholder continue to be preserved during this tenuous period.

The Fund Singapore team hence would like to thank all our investors for their patience similarly during this time, and are confident all of us will come off stronger than before.

Fund Singapore Team.

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ManukaLife Campaign Update - 1H 2020


Fund Singapore understands some investors may have questions or concerns about whether the Australian bush fires had in any way been affected ManukaLife as a company. Hence Fund Singapore requested from the CEO of ManukaLife, Mr. Paul Callandar, an ad-hoc update of the situation and progress on the ground.

“We are very lucky in Western Australia that we have not been affected by the fires on the East Coast,” Mr. Callandar said in response to Fund Singapore’s queries on how the ManukaLife plantations were impacted at all by the bush fires. In fact, the company has harvested a total of three tons of Manuka Honey in 2019 which in his words, was a very positive outcome and further shores up their production.

As most international media outlets have covered by now, there are bush fires of different severities raging in every state within Australia, with the State of New South Wales the worst hit. The State of Western Australia where ManukaLife is based, is fortunate to have the least damage despite contributing to about 12% of the total area affected by the fires in Australia as of 14 Jan 2020. This area does not include ManukaLife’s production areas.


As a follow up to the review of its plant breeding program, the Australian Federal Government has agreed to extend the current three-year plant breeding plant breeding program for another three years.

Work has since commenced to clone the F1 hybrids to produce both Manuka Honey and Manuka Oil. ManukaLife believes that this will significantly improve ManukaLife’s productivity and ability to continue to supply the existing demand for Manuka Honey and to provide the market with new and innovative products.


On the sales front, ManukaLife has entered a contract with Capilano Honey, the largest honey company in Australia for 2020. This will enable global distribution of their products for the entire year at a very competitive pricing. To date, the company has received orders from Australia, China, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia. A significant distribution channel into the United States for a range of new dermacare and general wellness products is also in the concluding stages of finalization.

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ManukaLife Campaign Update - 2H 2019


ManukaLife Pty Ltd has successfully hired Joe Baini, previously the CEO of Berringa Australia as its Commercial Director. Joe’s previous experience as an executive in bio tech and pharmaceutical companies in the US and Australia, makes him a great candidate for the role due to his good understanding of the manuka honey market.

ManukaLife will soon be holding a review of its plant breeding program with the Federal Government (AgriFutures) to confirm both the new manuka honey grants from the latter and the interest level in the new ManukaLife oil plant breeding program.


As a follow-up to the previous Fund Singapore–ManukaLife 1H Investor Update on the land lease in East Keralup, ManukaLife has moved further along in its discussions with the Western Australian State Government to lease the 400ha plot of land, with ManukaLife being part of the shortlisted final 4 from a total of 26 companies. This potential development would be especially useful for ManukaLife as that 400ha land is adjacent to the Peel business park that will have both the necessary utility and logistics infrastructure built up, which can be tapped into for ManukaLife’s cultivation and production facilities.

An investment memorandum is being prepared by ManukaLife to raise additional funds with engagement with potential new investors. Interested parties include one of Australia’s largest honey packer and producer as well as a US East Coast distribution organisation. This new investment round will see the valuation of ManukaLife significantly increase and as a result, Fund Singapore’s stake as well.

On the production front, ManukaLife grew 400,000 seedlings for planting into manuka honey and oil plantations using different varieties of leptospermum. This includes 100,000 seedlings planted for manuka oil in a 20,000 seedlings/ha configuration, and another 300,000 seedlings have been planted out for manuka honey plantations.


The company is also bolstering its product R&D by further investing in manuka honey as well as manuka oil research. Assessment of oil extraction from individual plant oil has already begun under the Kings Park Plant Breeding Program We are expecting the first bulk distillation of Manuka Oil to occur in the second half of 2020 in order to determine the viable commercial scale of Manuka Oil production.


ManukaLife has successfully garnered distribution interest in its products as it seeks to ramp up production of its high MGO content products. This past quarter, the company has established shipments of samples to India, Thailand, Malaysia, UAE and the US with new engagements with distributors in those countries. New Commercial Director Joe Baini also visited the US to engage with two large US distributors on both coasts of the country, with the companies providing term sheets for distribution activities.

The company is planning to complete final batch trials for their new Manuka Premium Health Tonics. These Health Tonics, along with another of their new product, ManukaLife Premium Manuka Nougat, is anticipated to be ready for initial sample distribution in Q4 2019.

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Biolidics Campaign Update - 1H 2019


Since our last update, Biolidics Limited has been successful with its initial public offering (IPO) and is now listed on Singapore’s Exchange Catalist Board.

Since 19 December 2018, the company has been advancing its collaborative efforts with other key industry players such as Sysmex and BGI group to secure a larger market share in the region.


In March 2019, Biolidics Limited announced that it has executed a non-binding term sheet with Sysmex Corporation for a collaboration on the development of laboratory arrays in the field of circulating tumour cells (CTC) utilizing the company’s ClearCell® FX1 System together with Sysmex’s molecular imaging flow cytometer in Japan and Singapore respectively.

The key objectives of the strategic collaboration are to promote laboratory assays developments, applications and market development for the potential commercialization.

Biolidics’ ClearCell® FX1 has the potential, when coupled with other analytical tests to serve as a platform technology for the diagnosis, prognosis, treatment selection and monitoring of various types of cancers. Hence, moving forward, one of Biolidics’ key business focus is to develop end-to-end diagnostic solutions which integrate its cell upstream separation and enrichment technology with that of other downstream analytical tests provided by its partners.

With a 50-year track record, Sysmex is globally recognized leader in the area of healthcare testing in blood-based diagnostic tests. By forging this strategic collaboration, Biolidics will be ideally positioned to increase the sales potential of the ClearCell® FX1 System and CTChip® FR1 biochip once the assays are approved clinically. Biolidics Limited and Sysmex are still in the process of negotiation on the terms of the proposed collaboration and more information will be released later.


The Group’s current assets increased by 224.8% or S$9.18 million, from S$4.08 million to S$13.26 million as at 31 December 2018, due mainly to the proceeds from the Pre-IPO and Recapitalisation Exercise as well as the IPO of S$9.04 million.

Revenue from product sales dipped slightly by 3.3% or S$0.04 million, from S$1.31 million in FY2017 to S$1.27 million in FY2018. This is largely due to a decrease in the sales ClearCell® FX1 System and related consumables as a result of the completion of a collaboration agreement with MGI Wuhan to collaboratively develop a BGI-assembled CTC enrichment system (known as the MGI EasyCell System) based on the ClearCell® FX1 System.

However, the decrease in sales from the company’s collaboration with MGI Wuhan was partially mitigated by the increase in unit sales from new and existing customers in the company’s distributor network.


Biolidics Limited announced on 29 March 2019 that its laboratory partner in China, Hunan Agen Medicine Laboratory Technology Co., Ltd., will commence offering lab developed tests (LDTs) as clinical services to cancer patients, using Biolidics’ ClearCell® FX1 System and CTChip® FR1 biochip.

The company is now able to access and address the demand of LDTs from a population of approximately 68 million in central Hunan. It now serves several hospitals in the province of Hunan including two major cancer hospitals. As a result, demand for Biolidics’ ClearCell® FX1 System and CTChip® FR1 biochips is expected to increase in the next 6 months.


Utilising its novel patented technology, Biolidics is ramping up its efforts to further enhance the commercial scalability of its technology and strategic partners globally to bring forth a valuable diagnostic tool to meet the immediate needs of cancer patients. Fund Singapore will continue to engage Biolidics to make their service offering available to our valued investors in the near future.

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Futuresafe Tech Campaign Update - 1H 2019


Over the last year since the closure of our funding campaign for FutureSafe Tech (FST), the company is progressing on to make headway in its vision of becoming an EdTech partner of choice to institutions and individuals.


Research revealed that safety-training approaches in Singapore tend to be based on outdated pedagogy. Industry sectors such as construction, oil and gas, manufacturing etc require individuals that are adequately skilled to perform the job when deployed on site.

This presents a continuing opportunity for FST. Beyond its partnership with NTUC Learning Hub and Simply Safety, the company is focused on amplifying its technological advantage to facilitate market recognition as the preferred provider of gamified simulation and virtual reality for training.

FST is operating using the intellectual property from Australia’s Murdoch University, who is also a key shareholder and supporter of the company.

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ManukaLife Campaign Update - 1H 2019


In end-January, members of ManukaLife's management team including CEO, Paul Callandar visited Fund Singapore's office to advance discussions on future expansion of its business and investor networks in Asia-Pacific. In line with its efforts to widen its distribution reach across Asia-Pacific, the company has also toured Hong Kong and Japan to participate in trade shows and conferences sponsored by the Western Australian Government.


ManukaLife has expanded its product line to include matcha green tea and chocolate varieties. Using cold honey extraction with miminal processing, the many beneficial properties of honey are preserved while giving consumers a wider selection and choice. ManukaBaby, a range of high quality certified organic skincare products suited for babies and toddlers has been successfully developed. This development is achieved in collaboration with the Farallon Group of the United States of America who are now in talks over pricing and distribution regions. Formulated without any harsh ingredients, the product range of ManukaBaby presently includes an all-natural body wash, skin lotion and bottom balm.

ManukaLife has also moved to establish additional benefits from Manuka Oil, a unique and highly valuable secondary product of their Manuka plantations. This by-product is highly valuable due to the presence of bioactive Beta Triketones. The company is planning for its next products - Manuka Health Shots and Manuka Oil.

Compared to honey, Manuka Oil is easier to produce and significantly less susceptible to agricultural shocks. There are a wide range of applications, yet present day supply of high grade Manuka Oil remain low.

Historically, supply of Manuka Oil was restricted to minute operations in New Zealand. Hence, ManukaLife's entrance to the production of Manuka Oil presents a promising opportunity for the company to diversify its revenue stream


ManukaLife has established global and domestic distribution channels for its two initial products with strategic partners- Japan's Iwatani Corp who is responsible for launching the products in the Japanese and Chinese markets, and Italy's Vividus Sri, who have placed their first order of 6000 and 2000 jars of Manuka honey respectively. On the domestic frontier, Australian consumers can now purchase the honey jars of varying MGO varieties off the shelf at two supermarket chains in Western Australia - Farmer Jacks and IGA.

Discussions with potential distributors based in Singapore, US, Germany and China are still in progress.

Consumers are now also able to purchase ManukaLife's range of pure, high-grade Australian Manuka Honey products direct from the company's webstore. They are available in various MGO levels, flavours and jar sizes (


In addition to the current 980ha of plantations, ManukaLife has begun seeding for 250ha out of 500ha Leptospermum planting target for 2019. The company is well on track to reach its goal of 3,000ha of land under plantings within the next decade.

Analyses of the company's Leptospermum populations have confirmed high levels of Manuka Oil with Beta Triketones. Beta Triketones are highly valued and in short supply for anti-microbial applications. This has further led the company to pursue development of high value medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products containing this oil. ManukaLife has been approached by and in discussions with doTERRA, a US firm to supply the high-grade Manuka Oil.


ManukaLife has partnered with the Australian Federal Government (AgriFutures) and Kings Park Botanic Gardens to underpin the future genetics of the Manuka Industry in Australia. The programme aims to identify and cultivate superior Manuka selections, develop new high-producing DHA and MGO Leptospermum varietals and facilitate longer flowering periods of up to six months.

In September, ManukaLife signed its second agreement with Kings Park for development of next generation honey plant genetics. The programme aims to harvest excess plant biomass and beat triketone for oil extraction. ManukaLife will own 100% of the IP and plant breeding rights from this programme.

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Biolidics Campaign Update - 2018


ClearBridge BioMedics Pte Ltd, an associate company of Catalist-listed ClearBridge Health, has changed its name to Biolidics Limited ahead of its scheduled listing on the Singapore’s Exchange Catalist Board.

Including the successful closure of our $1,165,000 funding campaign, the company has overall raised $6.6 million in pre-IPO funding from oncology medical professionals, as well as investors focused in health and biotechnology.


On 23rd November 2018, Biolidics lodged a preliminary prospectus for a planned initial public offering (IPO) on the Singapore Exchange’s Catalist Board.

United Overseas Bank is the sponsor, issue manager and placement agent for the IPO.

More details such as the amount to be raised, and timing of the offering will be announced at a later date. You may browse the general announcement on the SGX website and/or read the preliminary offer document.


The advent of this public offering sets the company on the course towards new horizons. Its exposure to a stronger capital base enables the company to accelerate its growth in becoming the leading provider of cancer diagnostic solutions that are differentiated, cost-effective and sustainable.

The company is focused on amplifying its technological advantage to facilitate market recognition as the preferred provider of non-invasive liquid biopsy approaches for cancer screening and diagnosis. They have identified several providers for provision of clinical services and tests in China and are in the process of validating their qualifications and compatibility to ClearCell® FX1 System.

80 units of the company’s proprietary medical system, ClearCell FX1, has been installed in academic and research institutes, hospitals and laboratories including Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Japan, the US and several European countries as of early Q4 2018.

The IPO proceeds from the current listing will be used to develop the clinical applications and services for the customer segment of Biolidics’ products. The remaining proceeds will be used for general corporate and working capital purposes and for IPO expenses.

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Futuresafe Tech Campaign Update - 2018

Associate Professor Peter Waring
Chair and Co-Founder
FutureSafe Tech Pte Ltd

A simple vision of becoming an EdTech partner of choice, to institutions and individuals, to radically improve workplace safety training drove the establishment of Futuresafe Tech (FST) in 2017.

In Singapore and internationally, workplace injuries and fatalities remain a tragically persistent challenge. The Singapore Workplace Safety and Health Report Jan-Jun 2018 shows that in 2017, there were 12,498 injuries with 42 fatalities. The construction sector is the top contributor to these statistics occupying 40%. One of the main sources (35%) for fatal injuries is falls of which 20% are due to fall from heights.

These alarming numbers are not only a cause for concern but also a call for innovative approaches to address this problem. Research conducted by Murdoch University, for instance, revealed that safety-training approaches in Singapore tend to be based on outdated pedagogy. Industry sectors such as construction, oil and gas, manufacturing etc require individuals that are adequately skilled to perform the job when deployed on site.

For instance, with over 280,000 foreign construction workers in Singapore who are less proficient at communicating in English delivering industry specific training such as operating in confined spaces or working at heights through PowerPoint slides is insufficient.

To tackle this challenge in Singapore and regionally, FST has devised gamified simulation and virtual reality applications that can be deployed on mobile devices in tandem with classroom sessions allowing foreign workers to better appreciate the work environment whether it be oil and gas or construction sector.

Since its establishment and given the unique technology enabled approach taken to upskilling, FST is proud to have partnered with NTUC Learning Hub who have already licensed and deployed FST’s Virtual Reality application in in its training courses.

FST has also collaborated with training provider, Simply Safety, who will deploy the Confined Space Safety and Gas Detector application in its training courses. FST has received very encouraging feedback from industry in Singapore.

Consequently, FST has developed a pipeline of interested industry leads from the construction, aerospace, pharma, transport and food sectors. Furthermore, FST has also had interest from industry stakeholders in Australia, Vietnam and Philippines to discuss deployment of the technology applications.

Over the next six months, FST plans to finalise the build of its technology platform allowing deployment of the applications globally. Discussions with key organisations in Singapore should also conclude. FST is operating as a spinout from Australia’s Murdoch University, who is also a key shareholder and supporter.

FST continues to attract talent to support development and growth. Mr. Greg Tan, with significant experience from the oil and gas industry, has joined the company as Business Development Lead. A handful of top-notch IT qualified Murdoch University students from Singapore will also intern in the company. The co-founders will continue to be at the helm of the company ensuring a keen focus on executing the plan for the next two quarters.

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ManukaLife Campaign Update - 2018


Since their last successful fundraising round, ManukaLife Pty Ltd has made considerable progress both on the commercial and research front. Building on their shared farming agreements executed previously, they have planted an additional 900,000 new seedlings this year - which is on around 500 ha of land. The company estimates that by the end of this year, they will have approximately 980ha under plantation.

In the last quarter of 2018, ManukaLife Pty Ltd executed a corporate rebranding exercise to better encapsulate their growth and achievements since its incorporation. The new website - - is live and features recent information on their developments, product line, research publications and media showcases.


In late 2017, ManukaLife spearheaded the formation of the Australian Manuka Honey Association (AMHA), which is currently the leading national body representing the Australian Manuka Honey industry. Formed by the leaders of the largest and most influential honey companies in Australia and supported by hundreds of beekeepers, the AMHA represents 180 years of Australian beekeeping practice and honey production. The AMHA is supported by and have received grants by the Australian Federal Government. The members of AMHA includes ASX-listed Capilano, the Bee Industry Council of Western Australia, the Tasmanian Beekeepers Association and the Queensland Beekeepers Association. The CEO of ManukaLife Pty Ltd, Paul Callander, is the inaugural Chairman of the AMHA.

In partnership with leading scientists and independent approved laboratories, AMHA establishes the authentication standards for Australian Manuka honey such that all honey that bears the AMHA logo are certified to be 100% pure, natural, authentic Australian Manuka honey.

Manuka honey's medicinal properties are derived from Methylglyoxal (MGO), a compound that occurs naturally in authentic Manuka honey that is responsible for much of its non-peroxide activity (NPA). NPA is the equivalent of the Unique Manuka Factor (UMF®), a New Zealand registered trademark, when tested by an appropriate laboratory.

MGO is the centrepiece of AMHA's Australian Manuka honey rating system and this is in line with changing international standards and labelling requirements.

UMF Rating Minimum MGO Usage
5+ 83 Lower levels of activities
Suitable for helping to maintain good health
10+ 263 Medium level activity
Suitable for helping to maintain good health
15+ 514 High level activity
Good antibacterial properties
20+ 829 Very high activity
Superior antibacterial properties

Australia has more varieties of Manuka plants than anywhere else in the world: over 80 species of the Leptospermum plant variety. It is also free of the Varroa mite, meaning no miticides are used in honey production. Therefore, Australian bees are less stressed by disease and Australian Manuka honey is pure and natural.


ManukaLife is looking to expand production to a variety of Manuka honey-based products. They are currently developing ManukaBaby, a range of high quality certified organic skincare products for babies. This development is done in collaboration with the Farallon Group of the United States of America. Samples of the baby products have been sent to Farallon Group and both companies are in talks over market analysis, packaging and pricing.

ManukaLife is also engaged in encouraging discussions with potential Manuka honey products distributors in Japan, Italy and Malaysia. Iwatani Corp Japan is keen on collaborating with ManukaLife to distribute Manuka honey and jointly develop Manuka products with their Agri Food Division. Italian company Vividus is interested in potential product development of Manuka vitamin shots for distribution in Italy and Rome. Finally, GBA Malaysia is looking into potential investment into land for development of Manuka plantations, and joint product manufacturing and distribution.


ManukaLife has established large scale nursery operations for the propagation and production of Leptospermum seedlings. In addition to the current 980 ha of plantations, ManukaLife is planning to plant 500 more ha of Leptospermum next year and to reach 3,000ha of land under plantings within the next decade.

With support from the Australian Federal Government, ManukaLife is progressing well on the Leptospermum plant breeding programme at Kings Park and Botanic Gardens, to hybridise the plant so it can be grown in hot and cold climates and its flowering period is extended from six weeks to six months. The new varietals will enable higher productivity of honey while lowering operating costs.


ManukaLife is actively sourcing for ways to overcome the issue of land shortages for planting. They have recently signed an agreement with Water Corporation, a government department in Western Australia, to conduct share farming on their land holdings of approximately 220ha, with are in discussion for a further 200ha next year.

The strategic partnership that ManukaLife are entering into with Iwatani Corp will also allow them to grow on more than 200ha of land next year.


ManukaLife is moving to establish additional benefits from its investments in Manuka plantations for honey into the Manuka oil industry. Manuka oil is a highly valuable secondary market, selling for approximately ten times the value of normal tea tree oil, as essential oils distilled from Leptospermum have antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties.

ManukaLife is in discussions with the Western Australian government to fund the genetics for development of the plant breeding programme for Manuka oil and have recently signed the plant breeding agreement with Kings Park. The programme aims to harvest excess plant biomass for oil extraction and to investigate the viability of plantations purely for essential oil production. Significant leverage can be gained from the current Manuka honey plant breeding programme underway at Kings Park and Botanic Gardens.

ManukaLife's goal is to create a Manuka Provence in Western Australia by developing a global centre of excellence for the development of premium quality Manuka honey and oil for the medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and nutraceutical industries.

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