Corporate Profile

Fund Singapore is Singapore's premier equity & lending-based crowdfunding platform. Fund Singapore enhances the financial services industry by channelling funds more effectively between investors and credit-worthy companies. Fund Singapore intends to revolutionise the financial services industry and provide funding needs through effective use of technology and spearheading innovations.

Fund Singapore has three main categories of fundraisers; startup, corporate, and real estate. They are identified accordingly to their distinct funding needs and requirements. Using our propriety in-house credit rating systems, Fund Singapore can assess companies effectively and help them raise funds.

Protecting investors' funds are the utmost priority for Fund Singapore and that is the reason we are serious on our deal sourcing and due diligence process. Fund Singapore develops the PRIS framework and use it alongside with its panel of resident and guest panellists to evaluate startups. For corporate credit analysis, Fund Singapore uses comprehensive data analytics and volatility modelling. Multi-pronged valuation techniques are used to determine risk in real estate projects. Fund Singapore is constantly working with researchers to innovate and further enhance our credit due diligence methodology. At Fund Singapore, we firmly believe in our comprehensive credit assessment of the companies that we fund and also in the potential of the startups that we list on our website. Therefore, Fund Singapore commits to co-invest in all campaigns, be it equity-based and lending-based.


Research and innovation is the cornerstone of our credit assessment, productivity enhancement, and competitive advantage. Fund Singapore works with universities, technology experts, and researchers to develop new technologies and innovations. These technologies will be adopted and implemented in Fund Singapore when completed.

Our vision is to be the most preferred funding platform in Asia. Our mission is to provide funding for businesses through effective use of technology and innovation.