• Why must I log in to view the existing campaigns?

As an MAS regulated financial institution, we operate under strict guidelines of the Securities and Futures Act (Cap. 289) which places advertising restrictions on our investment campaigns, such that all information pertaining to an ongoing fundraising campaign can only be accessed by registered investors on our platform.

• Is there an account set-up and service fee?

There are no fees and/or deposit associated with opening a Fund Singapore account. Creating an account gives you access to full investment details of past and ongoing fundraising campaigns.

For a seamless experience, please have a copy of your NRIC (front & back) and bank statement ready for upload. Fret not, we only require proof of your bank, bank account, name and address. There is no need to disclose your bank balance to us.

• What are the modes of payment accepted?

Fund Singapore accepts payment by cheque, DBS iBanking Bill Payment and eNETS. Alternatively, you may top up the eWallet associated with your account for ease of use in the future.

• What are the currencies you accept?

Fund Singapore presently only accepts payment in Singapore Dollars (SGD).

• Are the crowdfunded funds held by Fund Singapore?

No, Fund Singapore does not hold your monies. All fund transfers for crowdfunding activities on the Fund Singapore platform are handled by a licensed, third-party escrow agent. 

• Is there a fixed amount I have to deposit?

No, there is no fixed deposit amount. There is however, a minimum investment amount of SGD$1,000 per campaign.

• What are the differences between the various modes of payment available?

Investments made via eNETS or DBS iBanking Bill Payment are locked in immediately whereas investments made by cheque will take 3-5 days to clear. In order to ensure that investments are successful made in real time, investors are encouraged to use eNETS or monies held in ewallet.

• Do you charge a fee if I withdraw funds from my account?

There are no charges for withdrawals of funds held in the eWallet.

• What personal information do you collect, and why?

Fund Singapore is a financial institution licensed by MAS. As such, we are required to put in place robust controls to detect and deter the flow of illicit funds through Singapore’s financial system. These controls are commonly used in the process for Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism checks. Part of the Know-Your-Customer process requires us to verify your identity using the following documents:

• A scanned copy or clear photograph of your identification card
• A scanned copy or clear photograph of your bank statement

For more information, you may refer to our Privacy Policy.

• Is payment via AXS available?

Payment via AXS is not available at this time. Do consider other digital payment methods such as DBS iBanking Bill Payment and eNETS which are as convenient and secure.

• What is the function of the eWallet?

Every investor account is associated with a personal eWallet which allows you to perform fund transfers when participating in a campaign. You may top up your eWallet in advance using eNETS, DBS iBanking Bill Payment or cheque addressed to Fund Singapore.

• Why am I unable to view the previous campaigns I have invested in?

The initial campaigns that were conducted offline are not reflected as a past campaign on our online platform.

• Previous campaigns that I have invested in are not reflected in my eStatement. Why?

The monthly eStatement details the movement of funds that you have initiated through our Fund Singapore website for the previous month. It only reflects online transactions and does not account for any transactions conducted offline, i.e. if you have executed the physical copy of the Preference Shares Subscription Agreement.

• Can I get a refund if I change my mind after investing?

There is a free-look period of 3 days from the time an investment was made. A refund can be made during this time subjected to a processing fee of SGD$10. After the free-look period, no refunds can be made.

• How will dividends, if any, be returned to me?

Dividends from the investee companies will be held by the investment holding company set up. The dividends, if any, will be distributed by the directors’ discretion. If dividends are not distributed, it will be retained for distribution upon the successful exit from the investee company.

Dividends, if distributed, will be credited into your eWallet.

• Upon an exit on an investment, how will the funds be returned to me?

The funds will be credited into your eWallet.

• Is Crowdfunding regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)?

Yes, Crowdfunding is regulated by the MAS. Fund Singapore has obtained the Capital Markets Services (CMS) License from MAS in 2016.

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