Agri-Innovation Fund

The agri-fund focuses on innovative solutions that brings about deep lasting impact to the agricultural industry. We are interested in companies that are seeking breakthroughs in protein science, environmental sustainability solutions, supply chain efficiency, production yield enhancement, and other solutions that drive agricultural improvements.  

Partnering with The GrowHub Innovations Company, the government of Western Australia, and other authorities in Asia Pacific, Fund Singapore is consistently on the lookout for valuable companies in this sector and suitable for commercialisation.

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Southeast Asia Fund

Southeast Asia has a population of over 650 million. With young demographics and strong workforce, this region is positioned to be one of the fastest growing economies in the world in the next decade. We tap into the vast resources in this region to explore countless opportunities for maximum potential returns.

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Special Situation Fund

The special situation fund focuses on opportunistic events in Asia Pacific. In the real world, markets and information are asymmetric in nature. With deep roots in Asia, coupled with our presence in several significant Asian markets, we believe we understand Asia and its opportunities. The fund seeks to extract value while managing risks to obtain reasonable returns.

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Technology Fund

Good technology drives the world and makes positive changes to humanity. We are constantly seeking companies that are driven by passion to enhance value and life through technologies. We believe that technologies are enablers and great companies make that happen.

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Real Estate Fund

Real estate forms a significant portion of a core investment portfolio, offering benefits of stable cash flows, passive income, potential tax advantages, leveraging, and diversification. 

This fund focuses on commercial and industrial real estate in Asia Pacific.